We have a monthly book club that meets every month. We will have the booklist for the book club below.  We are going to start a teen bookclub if the interest is there.

Book Club meets at 7pm. Date of each book club is listed with the book on the book list below. 

We do encourage new faces to join us! It doesn't cost anything to attend, you just need to have read the book!

Book list for remainder of 2018;

September 13th, 2018; "Take the Cannoli" by Sarah Vowell

October 11th, 2018; "Chasing Fireflies" by Neta Jackson

November 8th, 2018; "Vengeance of Mothers" by Jim Fergus

November 17th, 2018; Teen Bookclub Interest/Intro Meeting

December 13th, 2018; Book Club Potluck Christmas Party @ 6pm 

January 10th, 2019; We will be choosing the books for the 2019 book club run.

Bookclub Book for September!

Bounty Book Club