May The Force Be Read

By Sean Frankel

May Fourth is a day of celebration for Star Wars fans everywhere that has been labeled as the infamous “Star Wars Day.” It was chosen to be May fourth due to the famous phrase “May the force be with you.” People everywhere go crazy sharing memes, binge watching the movies, and dressing up for parades.

How does the bibliophile enjoy Star Wars Day?

There are tons of books out there based around the Star Wars universe which are all based off the movies and expanding the lore. There are books that go far back before the Skywalker story, and books that go far in to the future and follow characters that are completely unaffected by the events that happened in the past. Nevertheless, the books give a whole new experience to the Star Wars franchise.

What are the books?

There are TONS of Star Wars book. Some take the universe back 25,000 years and others are 100 years plus in the future. No matter here are some books I recommend;

  • Dawn of the Jedi by Tim Lebbon
  • The Old Republic: Revan by Drew Karpyshyn
  • Knight Errant by John Jackson Miller
  • The Rising Force by Dave Wolverton
  • Heirs of the Force by Kevin J. Anderson
  • Vector Prime by R.A. Salvatore

But there is a much larger list of Star Wars books and really it is what you want to dive in to and read. I suggest going and picking up books before “The New Hope” era and making your way to the new age.


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