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By Sean Frankel is a company on a mission –to assist independent bookstores and serve the world with amazing books. The company partners with independent bookstores to give them access to sell audio books to their customers. It is super simple because all the bookstore has to do is sign up and provide some basic info. Then they have access to this amazingly simple and well built platform that they are able to share with their customers.

Why is so great?

The application and website are so easy to use and navigate. Once the app was downloaded it takes you immediately to your library of books where it gives you access to anything you have purchased off the website. Now granted, the app does not allow you to buy books through the app, as of yet, but I almost prefer it this way because the app works a lot faster. I legit can download any audio book on my data in a matter of minutes.

How do I get started with

I would first connect with a bookstore near you that you would want to support. This would be the most beneficial because you plug in to their community, and you are supporting them. The other thing you can do is just head over to and get signed up. does have offers all the time and if you are switching from audible they will compensate you with some free books. The membership rate is only $14.99 with one book credit included in that every month. Which I think is a great deal because for a 16 hour audio that normally sells for double or triple that will take the average audio book listener a month to finish!

How does it benefit your bookstore?

It has benefited us by allowing us to get in to a market we couldn’t compete in before. It also allows for our customers that travel a lot to still support their local or hometown bookstore in sales. also gives us ALCs (Advanced Listening Copies) so that we can have product knowledge in the audio books we are recommending. They also give us a lot of assistance with any marketing we do that involves –which is AMAZING.

final thoughts is one of those amazing companies that has you saying “DO NOT GO ANYWHERE, WE LOVE YOU!” They have amazing value to the book world because they connect the book seller to the reader. Something that Audible can never do. Make the switch, you won’t regret it!

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