By James A. Wilson

The most humiliating moment I can recall from my childhood is the time when I was seven years old and changing from my swimsuit into street clothes after swimming at the home of a neighbor. The neighbor’s daughters were knocking on the locked bedroom door where I was changing and my nasty brother chose my moment of stark nakedness to open the door and invite them in. It was a nightmare moment for a pre-pubescent boy and he did it for one reason…because he could. Bullies are like that and they never change unless they have a come-to-Jesus moment.

Democrat congressional leaders are attempting the same move on Donald Trump, through their persecution of William Barr, and for the same reason. House Judiciary Committee members have voted to hold Barr in contempt of congress for failure to answer their subpoena of the full and unredacted Mueller Report, and for refusing to testify before them. I call this bullying on two counts: First, Barr is obeying federal law by refusing to release the roughly ten per cent of the report he has redacted; Democrats are threatening him with jail for refusing their orders to disobey the law, and so their subpoena has no force of law. Secondly, they never issued a subpoena for his testimony; it is unclear whether they include this in their resolution but – if so – the citation is even more absurd on its face.

There are four areas of the report Barr has declined to publish. (He has offered to show even these items to congressional leaders in a closed-door meeting but will not permit making notes or copies.) Grand Jury testimony is confidential under law; this is because it is not trial evidence but simply the argument made when seeking an indictment. If an indictment is issued relevant testimony will be repeated and come to light; if not, it can serve no purpose but to embarrass the innocent, like me at age seven.

Information gathered from intelligence sources is likewise confidential, as disclosure places lives at risk. Information on peripheral players – those not under investigation – is by law confidential for the same reasons that police searches must pass constitutional muster under the Fourth Amendment. Material from ongoing investigations or prosecutions is likewise legally non-revealable; it compromises those processes. That makes four up and four down. Committee members know the law; they are attempting to do this because they think they can.

The utterly unjust judiciary committee chairman – Jerome Nadler – claims the situation has created a constitutional crisis. He is correct in this but totally dishonest when he claims the crisis is the result of AG Barr’s behavior; the crisis is the creation of Lawyer Nadler’s outrageous threat to bring the AG into his chamber in hand cuffs for the “crime” of obeying federal law. He makes such threats because he can, and this should come as no surprise.

Nadler is a leader in the party of lawlessness. His own committee has just referred HR 5 to the full House; this bill spits in the eye of the First Amendment by denying religious exemptions for people uncomfortable with gender dysphoric people insisting on using bath and shower facilities meant for the other gender. The bill’s author says the exemptions under law still apply; they just may not be used in such a case, or whenever a mental health professional is begged for help with unwanted same sex attractions. How again does a provision apply when its use is forbidden?

His own party includes leaders like California Governor Gavan Newsom and 2020 presidential candidate Kamala Harris. Both of them declared their cities and state to be sanctuary cities, in defiance of state and federal law; Harris joined Newsom’s predecessor, Jerry Brown, in arguing against state law re marriage when their oath of office required them to defend it, while Newsom blocks enforcement of a voter adopted initiative reinstating capital punishment with his illegal executive order. We are not even getting into the mayors of Oakland, CA, and Portland, OR, forbidding police to intervene in riots in their cities because the mayors are sympathetic to the rioters. These people shriek their outrage at law abiding leaders like AG Barr…because they can.

Law abiding citizens have two difficult tasks in front of us – especially if we are people of faith but – frankly – regardless of whether we love King Jesus. First, we need to bless the people who wrong us and our whole culture; doing otherwise only increases the hatred and rage already permeating the atmosphere. Second, we need to fight for what is lawful and true and respectful of one another with every means legally available to us…beginning with the effort of AG Barr to investigate those who have attempted a coup on our watch. These people – beginning with Nadler and his minions – do it because they can. We do it because we should, and because we must.

James A. Wilson is the author of Living As Ambassadors of Relationships, The Holy Spirit and the End Times, Kingdom in Pursuit, and his first novel, Generation – available at Bounty Books, Amazon, or at

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