by James A. Wilson November 15, 2019 marks the day a jury found David Daleiden of the Centers for Medical Progress guilty of criminal trespass when he and colleague Sandra Merritt entered Planned Parenthood events as invited guests and made undercover videos exposing the harvesting of baby body parts for
by James A. Wilson Canberra (Australia) columnist Ian Warden will likely never see my response to the monumental display of his ignorance of the Bible coupled with the planet sized arrogance to declare himself an expert. I write anyway because he is not the only person in the world to
by James A. Wilson One of my favorite Biblical characters is a lady named Hadassah; her Greek rendering as Esther is more widely known. Hadassah was selected to compete for the right to become Queen of Persia. She was unique in one key respect; she was Jewish. During the competition
by James A. Wilson It is difficult to imagine anyone paying attention to events around us who does not get it that the climate is changing; it has been changing up and down throughout recorded history. It is just as difficult to imagine a sentient being who believes – seriously
by Sean Frankel These are the new book releases for December 3rd, 2019. Sorry this post isn’t all pretty like past posts. We’ve been busy getting the store back together after our big sale! A Madness Of Sunshine by Nalini Singh – Paranormal RomanceAccepting the Lance by Sharon Lee –
by James A. Wilson I am forever advocating the deliberate cultivation of a heart of thanksgiving because it alters perspective in a dynamic way. This is not about whistling in darkness, but choosing to believe there is something to whistle about, giving thanks in advance of discovery. When we make
by James A. Wilson Whistleblowers are by definition people with inside information about government or corporate misconduct, obtained because they are insiders. By function they are people who go public with that information; going public puts jobs, careers, and sometimes freedom at risk. Real whistleblowers perform invaluable public service; without
by Sean Frankel Here are all the new book releases for November 19th, 2019. There aren’t a lot of them, but there are some amazing books. A Minute to Midnight by David Baldacci – MysteryAll Fired Up by Lori Foster – RomanceAngel Eyes by Ace Atkins – ThrillerBlood Heir by