by James A. Wilson Nobody – not even God – expects flawed human beings to find Him; He finds us. He does expect us to seek Him; yet He is content for us to seek whatever passes for ultimate reality within our clouded perspective. He guarantees success in exchange for
by Sean Frankel These are all the book releases for November 12th, 2019 that are popular. #titletuesdaySome really good science fiction and horror releases. A whole lot of series continuations as well. Good day for book releases! The New Releases; An Irish Country Family by Patrick Taylor – FictionAuberon by
by Sean Frankel These are the popular book releases for November 5th. I highly recommend that if you are a fantasy reader that you pick up Piers Anthony’s new book. He is a fantastic author and is actually my all-time favorite writer.Another book that really caught my eye is The
by James A. Wilson The beat goes on in the impeachment circus but little attention is paid to context as one side screams of new and ever more damning revelations while the other hollers about due process; voters – if we believe polls – are increasingly comfortable with the spectre
by James A. Wilson Any operation as big and as successful as Bethel Church of Redding, California, is going to ignite controversy from time to time – and sometimes all the time. A recent dust-up for the mega church is over one of their ministries called Changed, an outreach to
by Sean Frankel Here are all the new releases this week! (Some from last!) All of these amazing Christmas Romance books are coming out! So make sure to get your holiday reads on! A Book of Bones by John Connolly – MysteryA Cruel Deception by Charles Todd – MysteryAgent Running
By James Wilson Many American Christian leaders eagerly anticipate the next great move of God. Prophetic types believe they hear of it directly from the Holy Spirit; others are astute observers of history with a sharp eye for how God sees things as opposed to how man sees. They call
By James Wilson (Author Note: A Warfare by Honor conference will be presented at Revival Barn in Elk Grove, California, November 1-2; there is no charge although love offerings will be taken. To learn how to bring this teaching to your region contact Jim at or call him at