by James A. Wilson We Baby Boomers are rapidly aging, preparing to pass out of American history. What is our legacy? We have our accomplishments. In addition to helming the communications and information revolution – standing on the shoulders of parents and grandparents – we led the way to incredible
by Sean Frankel These are the popular new releases August 6th, 2019. #titletuesdayMake sure to share with us what your favorite new releases are!What we are reading right off the bat is “Dare Me Tonight” by Carly Phillips, “The Birthday Girl” by Melissa De La Cruz, and “House of Salt
by James A. Wilson When I wrote about cultural clashes over abortion being primarily religious struggles some months ago, I was writing about a conflict as old as the Old Testament. Back in the eighth century BC the prophet Elijah called out four hundred fifty prophets of the Canaanite deity,
by Sean Frankel There are all the popular books being released July 30th, 2019. #titletuesday #newbooksSome really good books came out today! We threw a few on our TBR for sure! If you would like to order any of the books please feel free to contact us. The New Titles;
by James A. Wilson Perhaps the most important aspect of the first landing by human beings on another world fifty years ago was the tidal drag on the rest of us to forget our hatreds long enough to come together over it. This event is forever symbolized in Neil Armstrong’s
by Sean Frankel Here are the new titles being released the week of July 23rd, 2019. #titletuesdayLet us know below what your favorite book being released this week is!Also, if you would like to order any of these books feel free to contact us at 707-451-4770 or email us at
By James A. Wilson The exception proves the rule. I bristle at people who take the artistic creation of another and rework it to suit their vision, claiming they have improved the original. Films like Noah, depicting the quintessential man of God worshipping the very serpent who set in motion
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by Sean Frankel Here are some of the top new books that are coming out this week! #titletuesday The New Release Titles: A Grave End by Wendy Roberts – MysteryA Pinch of Phoenix by Heidi Lang – Children’s MysteryAtmosphaera Incognita by Neal Stephenson – Science FictionBark of Night by David