By Sean Frankel May Fourth is a day of celebration for Star Wars fans everywhere that has been labeled as the infamous “Star Wars Day.” It was chosen to be May fourth due to the famous phrase “May the force be with you.” People everywhere go crazy sharing memes, binge
By James Wilson It is nearly fifty years since the Supreme Court discovered a constitutional right to take human life if that life resided inside another person’s body. That right has been exercised some sixty million times in this country alone; it is easily the most contentious political issue in
By Sean Frankel With some many amazing books coming out this year it is definitely difficult to narrow it down to a few that we ABSOLUTELY MUST READ! So here are some of the books being released in May 2019 that we have on our TBR (To be read) list!
By James A. Wilson The sixties were what I call a maverick season; so is ours. The term maverick originates in a pioneer Texan. Samuel Maverick was a patriot who fought at the Alamo and helped draft the Texas Declaration of Independence. He owned large tracts of land but was
By Sean Frankel The struggle is real when it comes to finding books for the young male reader. They have these stipulations that it can not be too girly, or they don’t want to be seen with a pink book. So, we decided to come up with a list of
By Sean Frankel A national celebration for readers everywhere to go out and have a party. Independent bookstores almost went away at a point –with bookstores closing left and right across the country up until 2009. After that, a facade ideology that indie bookstores are going extinct swept the country.
By Sean Frankel We had so many amazing books released this month that we just had to share some of our favorites! 1. “Shout” by Laurie Halse Anderson This book is powerful in its own right. An amazing poetic memoir that is just captivating. Laurie is telling her story, the
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by Jim Wilson The sixties today are more the stuff of legend than history. I graduated high school in 1966. One of my close friends demonstrated such heroism and leadership on a Vietnam battlefield he was field promoted from corporal to lieutenant; yet he left his idealism forever behind when
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