10 Suggestions for Young Male Readers

By Sean Frankel

The struggle is real when it comes to finding books for the young male reader. They have these stipulations that it can not be too girly, or they don’t want to be seen with a pink book. So, we decided to come up with a list of books that we suggest they get in to outside of Rick Riodan, John Green, Dav Pilkey and Erin Hunter’s books.

1. A Place of Shadows by Dave Lafferty

This book is incredibly captivating. Dave has this very unique writing style that grabs you back in to the book every couple of pages. It has some very chilling moments, but what do you expect from a ghost mystery thriller?! I highly recommend this book.

2. Scythe, Thunderhead, and Dry by Neal Shusterman

Neal Shusterman writes some really fantastic books. His Arc of Scythe series is only three books in, but they are so incredibly written. The concept of the storyline is that people can not die on their own, and the only people who can take a life is a ‘Scythe.’ Dry is a novel that is basically about the California wildfires before they happened. His book is obviously more dramalized and fictional, but it is ironic that it takes place in some of the areas that have been on fire around the same time the book was released.

3. James Patterson’s Witch & Wizard series

Being stripped of their right to life, liberty, and the pursuit to be a normal teenager; two teens are stripped away from the life they had by the “New Order” and stuck in a prison. Only to find out they have some kind of magical powers.. This series is very fast paced and very captivating. James Patterson did a really good job at giving us another great series that anyone can enjoy. I am still wondering why it hasn’t hit the big screen yet…

4. Eoin Colfer’s Artemis Fowl

Speaking of books that had yet to hit the big screen. Artemis Fowl is going to be a major motion picture coming August 9th of this year. To be honest, I don’t know why it took this long for the books to hit the big screen. It should almost be a kid’s classic because the books are extremely well written, fast paced, captivating, and the character development is beautiful. Maybe Eoin Colfer was a little before his time, but hey, he finally got on the big screen!

5. Jason Reynold’s Track series

This is a very strong series about self discovery, resilience, and learning how to forget the past. Each book really follows each individual main character on the track team. Telling us more about who they are and what they are all about. Each book expands the story line and develops the characters more and more in each book. Which leaves you WANTING MORE with each cliff hanger!

6. Margaret peterson haddix’s shadow children series

Being the first child was the best thing that could ever happen to you, but being the second was a life sentence. In Haddix’s incredible series, she creates a world with population control laws that state each family is only allowed to have one child. Every child after this is considered illegal and treated like an abomination and a waste of space. The main character is unfortunate to be a second child hiding in the attic –until he is found out and taken away. This thrilling series follows a captivating timeline of rebellion, post-apocalyptic society, and freedom. Haddix does such a wonderful job writing these books that you almost can not put them down.

7. Obert Skye’s Levin Thumps series

Just another book about a fourteen year old trying to save the world. A boy who lost his parents, and lives with his horrible aunt and uncle–no, no it isn’t Harry Potter, promise. But this is a good mix of everything you love about books like the Golden Compass, Harry Potter, and Narnia. It really packs in to a magical world that anyone would enjoy.

8. Holly black & tony diterlizzi’s spiderwick series

Okay we could not leave these out. Spiderwick is such a beautiful fantasy world, and when it was brought to the big screen –I was in awe. All of my imagination was on the big screen because the vivid imagery this book has is incredible. Not to mention the intense story line and how fast paced the series is.

9. Lemony Snicket’s Series of Unfortunate Events

Fantastically written books with an amazing story line mystery. Following the grim tale of three orphans and their horrible uncle. I highly recommend this series as the twists, turns, and imagination in these books are incredible. Plus, who doesn’t love reading about an self-absorbed uncle?

10. Sarah J. Maas throne of glass series

So is Lara Croft a descendent of Celaena Sardothien or what? This series is about another powerful female character who kicks butt and takes names. Following through this very thrilling story line that never misses a beat, and has one of the greatest cliff hangers of all time. It also has very strong character development, and a lot of action. Even Drizzt Do’Urden can’t keep up.

Independent Book Store Day

By Sean Frankel

A national celebration for readers everywhere to go out and have a party. Independent bookstores almost went away at a point –with bookstores closing left and right across the country up until 2009. After that, a facade ideology that indie bookstores are going extinct swept the country. But according to the statistics indie book stores have been opening up in the masses since. In 2009 there were only 1,651 indie book store locations operated by 1,401 companies. As of 2018, there are now 2,470 indie book store locations being operated by 1,835 companies. That is some huge growth! So to celebrate the fact that indie bookstores are still around –we celebrate!

So why are indie bookstores important?

Independent bookstores are becoming the center of their local communities more and more. By getting involved in every which way possible,e.g, hosting events, supporting schools, volunteering in community events, and much more. Indie bookstores are a home away from home for the avid reader. A place of inspiration that anyone can get lost in for hours. Not to mention, independent bookstores are the gateway(s) to the reading community. The staffs are always way more knowledgeable, passionate, and personable about everything book related. It is just a different experience than anything else in the world because they are growing and expanding for you!

How do I participate in Independent Bookstore Day?

Well it is quite easy. All you have to do is find all of your local independent bookstores and head out to them. Some cities and stores organize bookstore crawls that you can show up and be a part of. It may require some travel to go from one city to the next for book crawls, but you will definitely get to meet some people. A lot of stores are going to be hosting author signings, book launch parties, holding big sales, and potentially doing giveaways. This will definitely be a fun way to connect and make some new friends!

What can I do to support my local indie bookstore YEAR ROUND?

Share them with your friends, show up to some author signings, and spread your love for your local indie bookstore all over social media. By getting the word spread about your local indie bookstore you are helping them grow, and helping them grow your local community. I am sure everyone has suggestions too for their local indie bookstore, so help them out by sending them notes and sharing your thoughts with them. I am sure they would love to hear how they could better service YOU!

What else?

Bookstores are going to continue to thrive because they do for the reader what Amazon and other big box retailers can not do. That is being there to personalize your experience and help you out on your reading adventures. So make sure to go out make some new book worm friends and get involved in an amazing community of book addicts that will blow your mind.

Our Favorite Books Published April 2019

By Sean Frankel

We had so many amazing books released this month that we just had to share some of our favorites!

1. “Shout” by Laurie Halse Anderson

This book is powerful in its own right. An amazing poetic memoir that is just captivating. Laurie is telling her story, the truth of what she went through, and the inspiration behind her novel “Speak.” I 10/10 recommend picking this book up. Especially if you want to know more about what Laurie, a sexual assault victim, has gone through in the last 25 years.

2. “Descendant Of The Crane” by Joan He

This book has been on my personal radar since the beginning of the year. The book is definitely based on a traditional plot, but Joan knows how to freshen it up and recapture the readers attention with his creativity. This book is a page turner where you are almost yelling out loud about what is happening next. Keeping you up until almost 3 AM when you have work in an hour because you have to figure out what happens next.

3. “Iola O” by G.M. Monks

Two words; MUST READ. This book grabs you in every which way and will have you laughing out loud at some points. This book is all about self discovery and self resilience. The plot has so many twists and turns you can never predict what will happen next. I can honestly see this being a sitcom or movie someday.

4. “The Red Scrolls Of Magic” by Cassandra Clare & Wesley Chu

This is the start of a new amazing trilogy continuing the shadow hunter series. The book takes place after the Mortal War, which; follows familiar characters Magnus Bane and Alec Lightwood. This book continues an epic story-line and gets you to fall in love more with characters you didn’t love before –or know much about.

5. “The Binding” by Bridget Collins

Unique, creative, and breathtaking. This book adds value to what it means to be able to write or read a book, or to just share your experiences on a written page. It takes you on an adventure in a world where books are used to capture memories that need to be locked away in the past. But this also a world, where someone could just reach out and winch a memory from you entirely. This is another page turner that will totally have you captivated throughout the whole read. 10/10 recommend it.

Share with us your favorite book released in April of 2019!

Happy Birthday Bounty Books Founder!

Today Darlene Frankel, Owner & Founder of Bounty Books, turns 65 years young. We are very appreciative of all the sacrifices made and work done to give Vacaville such an amazing bookstore.

Darlene has been a huge part of this community for many years sitting on a multitude of organizational boards, committees, and events. She has a huge heart and she gives back as much as she can.

Recent article that Darlene was featured in.

Darlene is starting to phase out of the book store to start enjoying life outside of the book store and is bringing in her son, Sean Frankel, to take over. Darlene has definitely created a legacy within this community. A legacy that will be continued by her son for many more years to come.

She is going to be spending a lot of time with her grand children and obviously reading LOTS of books!