By James A. Wilson

It is now nearly half a century since I learned the greatest lesson possible about two things for the price of one – the absolute value to the forgiver of forgiveness and the incredible breadth and depth of the providence of a loving God who invariably gives more than we can ask or imagine. The only variable is whether and to what degree we let go of our agenda of entitlements to see – and receive – all He offers us.

I was a twenty-something teaching assistant at a high school in San Diego with a gift for defusing potentially violent confrontations. One of my duties was to patrol the lunch area when students were out. One day I witnessed a teacher deliberately baiting a student until the young man drew back his fist and moved to clock the teacher. I intervened before a blow landed and offered to escort the student to the office so as to avoid further incident. Both were okay with this and the teacher told me to be sure I told the assistant principal all I had seen. I did just that, including the deliberate provocation by the teacher. Later, realizing the teacher would be pretty steamed at me when he learned I had painted him in a most unflattering light, I thought it best to relate the incident to my supervisor first. I did that too and was shocked when – instead of commending me for my fairness – the supervisor said regretfully he would have to fire me. My job – he said – was to back faculty at all times with no exceptions.

I was frankly so hacked off at my treatment I failed to credit for some years all my God did for me in the event. I secured another assistant position at another school in the same district within days. Working different hours made me available for an accelerated credentialing program that halved the time until I would be a certificated teacher; meanwhile the new school needed a reading instructor, unlike the other one. I obtained my credential in a season when less than a third of graduates were landing jobs and yet I found myself – because of my new position – hired as a reading specialist and on my way to earning a simultaneous masters’ degree and specialist credential. This apparent happenstance also led me into the curriculum development and peer education I had wanted to do all along.

The only fly in the ointment – years after the fact – was my resilient resentment over the unfairness of my termination that day. Even after the Lord reminded me this ill treatment made me available for an accelerated program leading to my teaching credential and positioned me for a job in a market where new teachers were not being hired – even then – my attitude was that guy was a jerk who penalized me for doing the right thing. That resentment prevented my appreciation of the ultimate reality I was not penalized at all; God worked all of it together for my good, and the good of the thousands of students I was ultimately able to benefit.

God has this habit of giving us more than we can either ask or imagine; He says as much in Ephesians 3:20-21. He has this even more remarkable will to work all things together in any of us willing to love Him and live according to His calling on our lives. He makes that point explicitly in Romans 8:28 and implicitly on virtually every page of His book, known simply as the Bible.

There is a catch. We are called by this same Lord and Christ to repent as the access point for His love and provision. Truth is every person on the planet has enjoyed unlimited access to Him since His death and resurrection; He says that too in the Gospels and thereafter. Our repentance – focus on Him instead of ourselves – is how we give Him access to us; it is just as crucial as actually cashing a check we are given if we would use the funds it represents.

This repentance is meant to be a lifestyle. Though many imagine it a one-time commitment, every act of forgiveness is one of repentance – re-focus – on Him. When we refuse forgiveness we refuse Him access to our hearts and it never ends well despite His ongoing love and creative vitality meant to be at our disposal. Every time we choose to thank Him in the face of trouble we likewise re-admit Him into our lives and it always ends well – sooner or later, one way or another.

By the grace of God I finally heard it enough from Jesus to actually forgive that guy. Later I learned even to give thanks for the blessing his bad behavior introduced into my life. The fruit has been and continues to be amazing. I recommend – any time we find ourselves in trouble or anger or grief – asking Him to identify the ones we need to forgive or the issues for which we need to give thanks despite their negative appearance.

I recommend this same advice to myself whenever I forget the lesson I might have learned in 1972 with a bit more humility to enable the learning. It is a lesson requiring frequent repetition. It is a reminder the Gospel is – after all – a lot more good news than mere good advice.

James A. Wilson is the author of Living As Ambassadors of Relationships, The Holy Spirit and the End Times, Kingdom in Pursuit, and his first novel, Generation – available at Bounty Books, or at


By James A. Wilson

The old aphorism about the inmates running the asylum rings of stark truth between the House of Representatives and Democratic presidential contenders in this season. Except that these inmates are crazy like the proverbial fox; they know exactly what they are doing and their aim is to obstruct the very justice they accuse the Trump Administration of obstructing. In this case their target du jour is AG William Barr. They are determined to stop Barr from effectively investigating government officials – past and present – who appear to have attempted a coup in the form of the events leading to the Mueller Report. The rest of us need to stop them by all means legally available.

There are essentially four forms obstruction of justice can assume in law. One is stonewalling investigators where Bill of Rights issues are not at stake. Another is intimidating officials. Still another is concealing or destroying evidence. The fourth and relevant form is attempting to discredit – through slander and libel – officials conducting investigations or hearings. The Greek Chorus shrieking Bill Barr – currently investigating said chorus – has perjured himself is itself an effort to obstruct that must be exposed and stopped in its tracks.

The now published report details some ten instances of alleged Trump behavior that might constitute obstruction. Multiple authorities of the stature of progressive Alan Dershowitz call the accusations absurd.

The first example cited in Mueller is when Trump allegedly told fired FBI Director James Comey he wanted and expected loyalty from those he employs. Remember Comey had already told Trump he was not under investigation. How a request for loyalty when there is no investigation to be compromised is obstruction shatters the imagination. Just as mind boggling is the second allegation, that Trump asked Comey to cover up criminality in General Michael Flynn when he said, “He is a good guy. I hope you can let this go.” The notes of investigators who interviewed Flynn gave him a clean bill of health; again, how does a statement of support constitute obstruction when there was nothing to obstruct?

A big bogey man is that third allegation. It is public record Donald Trump fired James Comey over what he called the botched investigation into the Hillary Clinton email scandal. Comey stated on national television Clinton violated The Espionage Act but he found “no intent” to do so; the Act never mentions intent. Comey admitted he leaked confidential information about the FBI investigation into possible Russian collusion in order to manipulate a special prosecutor into existence, a clear abuse of his power. Trump claimed the firing was related soley to the Clinton matter and some believe he was less than forthright about his motives. Yet motive only becomes an issue of obstruction when a criminal act has first been committed. Trump has authority to hire and fire FBI directors once a week if he so desires. His motive for a perfectly legal act is irrelevant to obstruction, even should it be shown he acted for other purposes. There must be an obstructionable act before there can be an obstructive motive.

The same must be said for allegedly asking National Intelligence Director Dan Coats, National Security Agency head Mike Rogers, CIA Director Mike Pompeo, and Comey to state publicly there was no evidence of collusion with Russia. They had already rendered such a judgement privately; Trump simply asked them to go public.

It gets more and more absurd, and especially if we imagine any truth to the remaining allegations. Sources in the report accuse POTUS of ordering his fired campaign director to order AG Jeff Sessions to limit the Mueller Investigation. Ordering a man Trump fired to carry messages when he could issues orders directly to his subordinate? Threatening to fire Sessions is obstruction when no firing ever occurred? Drafting – but never sending – a misleading letter about an alleged meeting with Russians in Trump Tower? Ordering his lawyer to fire Mueller – an order never executed – when he has only to pick up the phone himself?

The last two charges may be the most interesting – if true. Trump is accused of implying – implying – Michael Cohen’s dad was at legal risk if Cohen testified against Trump. We have only the word of convicted perjurer Cohen for this, but if the father is half as dishonest as the son he likely was in jeopardy and it would be a favor to tell him. Trump is also accused of asking Sessions to un-recuse himself and investigate Hillary Clinton. I can only say this would be entirely appropriate – given what Comey publicly disclosed in July 2016 – and it may well be the current Attorney General will do just that. The report can only say the evidence of these things was inconclusive; it omits the obvious conclusion they are ridiculous.

The inmates have indeed been running the asylum, but it appears new management is coming on board. My prayer is that now the truth and the whole truth will be exposed – not for purposes of retribution but to deter a repetition of this sordid coup attempt in any future and with any party in power. Karl Marx got one thing right. Power does corrupt and absolute power does corrupt absolutely, no matter who wields it. The other side of the coin is Jesus Christ got everything right, beginning with the idea that humble submission to God – no matter how right we imagine ourselves to be – is the beginning of real life now and forever. Whether Democrats, Republicans, or some other flavor, we do well to acknowledge this truth before moving on.

James A. Wilson is the author of Living As Ambassadors of Relationships, The Holy Spirit and the End Times, Kingdom in Pursuit, and his first novel, Generation – available at Bounty Books or at


By James A. Wilson

Best friends Tyler Smith and Heather Brown began their day playing but not necessarily playing well. Seniors at Christ’s Church Academy, St. Augustine, Florida, they skipped classes for a swim in the surf off nearby Vilano Beach. Heavy wave action and currents swept them further and further out until the found themselves some two miles from shore and growing more and more exhausted as they fought to return. After two hours of struggle they began to pray, begging the Lord they served imperfectly – they were cutting school, after all – to come and save them.

Their Lord turned up quickly in the form of Captain Eric Wagner and his boat – The Amen. Wagner and his crew were enroute from Del Ray Beach to New Jersey. Wagner – himself a praying man – called the fact he heard cries for help over the noise of wind, waves, and his own engines – a miracle. There is good news about this praying stuff – it really opens the door to all kinds of wonders – and it really blesses all concerned.

The really good news is God – Father, Son and Spirit – could not care less about whether His response to prayer is deserved, because nobody deserves anything from Him. I mention the young people serving Him imperfectly when they found themselves in serious trouble. Reality is He is so thrilled when we actually call upon Him a reprimand is furthest from His mind. Yes, there are usually consequences when we stuff up, but our poor choices are never – never – an obstacle to His countervailing love. He goes so far as to say – in His own Bible – that His strength is perfected in our weakness and He actually turns all things – all things – to good for those seeking His face, one way or another and sooner or later. Consequences will come, but His love and provision are the trump cards.

What happened to Smith and Brown is likewise typical of God making a way where there is no way. I will never forget how close I came to being snowed in as I returned from a mountain town last January. The announcement went out that the road was closed and I was already on it without chains or snow tires. I prayed and the Highway Patrol announced snow had stopped and they were re-opening the pass for less than an hour. I got through and the pass was promptly closed for the next five days. Some years earlier – on the western end of that same road – I was literally stopped by snow and as literally gifted to follow semis and snow plows – a few miles at a time until each successively turned off the road or was itself stuck – until I reached my destination more than a hundred miles away. This is not to mention all the healings, creating necessary things out of nothing, and even a raising from the dead I have personally witnessed. I thank God moment by moment his gifts are not dependent on our good behavior.

There are a couple of catches. If we want to see His goodness we need to approach Him with thanksgiving as a lifestyle; this is not a moral imperative but rather a chosen and repeatable perspective that opens our eyes to the really real. If we are chronically spitting in His eye with our behavior it is far less likely we will approach Him with thanksgiving and more often we simply fail to miss the coming of the rescue boat – even if it is named The Amen.

One thing we can take to the bank. There is no such thing as coincidence and when worst comes to worst He is quite capable of bringing out of it what we cannot imagine. Rescued – following heartfelt prayer – by a boat named The Amen a coincidence? A truck or snowplow coming along just when I need it at least a half dozen times with never a wait of more than moments a random event? Seriously? And what if the rescue apparently never comes, like when my friends died – one earlier this year and the other more than twenty years ago – after sudden and catastrophic illness bathed in faithful prayer? Yet both pronounced themselves ready to go home and many came to embrace the Lord due to the very circumstances surrounding these deaths. My oldest daughter never breathed the air of this world, being taken from it due to a poor medical decision just prior to her expected birth. Yet I have been privileged to bless many in similar circumstances because of her circumstances and mine, and the Lord has healed my grief beyond my ability to imagine.

The grief is real. The human longing for what we understand to be good is basic to who we are. Yet the God to whom Tyler and Heather prayed claims He will give more than we can ask or imagine; I have never known this to be false once the story comes to its real end. A heart of prayer, praise, thanksgiving enables hearers to better appreciate their own stories. Don’t leave home without it.

James A. Wilson is the author of Living As Ambassadors of Relationships, The Holy Spirit and the End Times, Kingdom in Pursuit, and his first novel, Generation – available at Bounty Books, or at

Eyes of The Enemy :: A Review

By Sean Frankel

A twelve year old boy discovers he has unimaginable power and that his whole life he has lived… is a lie. Kelly Hess wrote a fantastic book Eyes Of The Enemy, which focuses on a young boy by the name of Beyn (pronounced beɪn ). Beyn grew up in a small village, the Veiled Gorge, with his ‘father’ which until the events in the books: was a happy, normal life. That was… until…. the village came under attack by the Soraks.

The Soraks is just what Kelly Hess describes as a different “race” of humanity. They are genetically stronger and are able to wield powers that regular humans cannot. The Soraks also speak in a different language than others. I find this very intriguing because it makes the world more intricate. It isn’t like most books where EVERYONE speaks one language or this SPECIFICALLY different character speaks a different language. It gives the world the diversity it needs.

The story progresses very chronologically and you almost know where the book is going to go next, but it really catches you at those very anticipated moments by going a totally different way –like who would have foreseen that Beyn’s father in Veiled Gorge is NOT his biological father. Who would have thought that there were others similar to Beyn? Not I.

There is an underlying story-line that picks up midway through the book in regards to a magical dagger and Beyn’s friend Fritz. Kelly Hess is using this ‘side-tracked’ path to lead in to the real story that is becoming of the characters in the books to come –which I find fascinating. I won’t give too much more away to avoid spoiling the book.

Do I recommend this book?

I absolutely do. This book has everything you would want from a fantasy. A great plot, great character development, names that aren’t confusing, doesn’t require a whole lot of thinking, and it gets straight through the story without KILLING you with detail.


We did this book for our Teen Book Club and we had a good discussion about the book. There are a lot of easy to point out things that happen that cover judgement, coming of age, and emotional personalities. It also provides some unique ways of putting a story together that will help inspire young writers.

Kelly Hess is a local author to us here in Vacaville, California. Eyes Of The Enemy is the first book in his BlackMyst trilogy. He has also written other books, e.g., Toast, Bumped, Gobslayer, and The Fool’s Apprentice. All of these books are available at Bounty Books.


By James A. Wilson

The most humiliating moment I can recall from my childhood is the time when I was seven years old and changing from my swimsuit into street clothes after swimming at the home of a neighbor. The neighbor’s daughters were knocking on the locked bedroom door where I was changing and my nasty brother chose my moment of stark nakedness to open the door and invite them in. It was a nightmare moment for a pre-pubescent boy and he did it for one reason…because he could. Bullies are like that and they never change unless they have a come-to-Jesus moment.

Democrat congressional leaders are attempting the same move on Donald Trump, through their persecution of William Barr, and for the same reason. House Judiciary Committee members have voted to hold Barr in contempt of congress for failure to answer their subpoena of the full and unredacted Mueller Report, and for refusing to testify before them. I call this bullying on two counts: First, Barr is obeying federal law by refusing to release the roughly ten per cent of the report he has redacted; Democrats are threatening him with jail for refusing their orders to disobey the law, and so their subpoena has no force of law. Secondly, they never issued a subpoena for his testimony; it is unclear whether they include this in their resolution but – if so – the citation is even more absurd on its face.

There are four areas of the report Barr has declined to publish. (He has offered to show even these items to congressional leaders in a closed-door meeting but will not permit making notes or copies.) Grand Jury testimony is confidential under law; this is because it is not trial evidence but simply the argument made when seeking an indictment. If an indictment is issued relevant testimony will be repeated and come to light; if not, it can serve no purpose but to embarrass the innocent, like me at age seven.

Information gathered from intelligence sources is likewise confidential, as disclosure places lives at risk. Information on peripheral players – those not under investigation – is by law confidential for the same reasons that police searches must pass constitutional muster under the Fourth Amendment. Material from ongoing investigations or prosecutions is likewise legally non-revealable; it compromises those processes. That makes four up and four down. Committee members know the law; they are attempting to do this because they think they can.

The utterly unjust judiciary committee chairman – Jerome Nadler – claims the situation has created a constitutional crisis. He is correct in this but totally dishonest when he claims the crisis is the result of AG Barr’s behavior; the crisis is the creation of Lawyer Nadler’s outrageous threat to bring the AG into his chamber in hand cuffs for the “crime” of obeying federal law. He makes such threats because he can, and this should come as no surprise.

Nadler is a leader in the party of lawlessness. His own committee has just referred HR 5 to the full House; this bill spits in the eye of the First Amendment by denying religious exemptions for people uncomfortable with gender dysphoric people insisting on using bath and shower facilities meant for the other gender. The bill’s author says the exemptions under law still apply; they just may not be used in such a case, or whenever a mental health professional is begged for help with unwanted same sex attractions. How again does a provision apply when its use is forbidden?

His own party includes leaders like California Governor Gavan Newsom and 2020 presidential candidate Kamala Harris. Both of them declared their cities and state to be sanctuary cities, in defiance of state and federal law; Harris joined Newsom’s predecessor, Jerry Brown, in arguing against state law re marriage when their oath of office required them to defend it, while Newsom blocks enforcement of a voter adopted initiative reinstating capital punishment with his illegal executive order. We are not even getting into the mayors of Oakland, CA, and Portland, OR, forbidding police to intervene in riots in their cities because the mayors are sympathetic to the rioters. These people shriek their outrage at law abiding leaders like AG Barr…because they can.

Law abiding citizens have two difficult tasks in front of us – especially if we are people of faith but – frankly – regardless of whether we love King Jesus. First, we need to bless the people who wrong us and our whole culture; doing otherwise only increases the hatred and rage already permeating the atmosphere. Second, we need to fight for what is lawful and true and respectful of one another with every means legally available to us…beginning with the effort of AG Barr to investigate those who have attempted a coup on our watch. These people – beginning with Nadler and his minions – do it because they can. We do it because we should, and because we must.

James A. Wilson is the author of Living As Ambassadors of Relationships, The Holy Spirit and the End Times, Kingdom in Pursuit, and his first novel, Generation – available at Bounty Books, Amazon, or at


By James A. Wilson

Perhaps the most chilling report to emerge from the overwhelming disasters of 2018’s wildfires in California’s Shasta County comes from pilots who flew water drops on the monster. Several observed a face leering at them from the flames they overflew. It was the face of a demon, these hard boiled pragmatic men declared, ascribing a character of malevolence to this thing devouring land and livelihood.

Similar reports emerge from the even more devastating fires in Butte, Ventura, and Los Angeles Counties. Some eyewitnesses report the face of a woman – a woman infused with rage – peering from the flames. I have not interviewed witnesses, and so I cannot judge their objectivity. Yet – given these reports are both multiple and unprecedented – I will dare to consider their implications.

This personification of catastrophe draws my mind back to the written words of God. He takes a very personal view of every event, claiming all events are all about Him and His revelation. Concerning so-called natural disasters, He says He permits them – 2 Chronicles 7:13 – when He is seeking our attention. He implies getting our focus on Him transcends even life or death issues. He names the simple remedy in verse 14, “If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face, and turn from their evil ways, I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and heal their land.”

God forbid any words I write might be construed as blaming victims who continue to suffer horrific damage. Jesus personally addresses this issue in Luke 13. Asked whether people massacred by Pontius Pilate deserved their fate, He says neither they nor the eighteen Galileans killed when a tower fell on them were any more deserving of death than the rest of an unrepentant world. The condemnation we all share – and our suffering is not punishment but natural consequence – is not this or that law we have broken but our mania for living life unto ourselves. That shared obsession – if we believe the Word of God – throws the whole creation out of kilter and chaos inevitably ensues. The nearly one hundred known killed, the thousands missing or homeless, have been caught in the crush sooner rather than later. They are deserving of nothing but our compassion and active caring.

That said, let us re-focus on 2 Chronicles 7:13-14, words from a Word addressing the people of God. It is people called by His Name alone who are accountable for the conditions in which all live.

The most dramatic difference between the relational basis of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the religious basis of Old Testament legalism is the former is meant to pro-actively bless people into the Kingdom while the latter seeks to prevent people from finding themselves cast out of it. The Old Testament is just as grounded in Christ as the New – it begins with God pursuing-to-love us from Creation to Flood, to the Patriarchs and to the Exodus – but somewhere along the way to or from the Exile people became so fearful of offending God they put all their attention into observing matters of law until the Law became a defacto substitute for the One Jesus calls Abba – Daddy.

Fast forward to our variegated and fractured Church today – each piece convinced its piece is the true remnant – each believing its particularity alone adheres to the deified Law, and we find a judgmental gaggle of people offering God only what they deem He needs, not what He says He wants. We have Christians grimly defending God – who needs no defense – and failing to protect the weak and the injured who desperately do need protection. We have other Christians – aware of the flaws of legalism and excited by the overwhelming presence of God outpouring miracles in our midst – but unaware of the reality signs and wonders are to accompany the proclamation of the Gospel without being mistaken for the Gospel itself. We have a mess.

Our God is calling for and birthing a fourth Great Awakening before us. He has shown forth His glory time and again in this day. He has spoken multiple words to enable us to navigate the highway He paves.

The words are simple. Embrace the whole of scripture, not just our pet passages, and be appreciative of anyone spotlighting something we may have overlooked. Seek the whole of Holy Spirit, from the wildest wonders to the still small voice that guides us into all truth, and be grateful to anyone sharing a revelation of the Spirit we may have missed. And – once and for all – sacrifice our sacred cows – those doctrinal oxen we will not permit to be gored. They are just too precious to us and utterly problematic – because of our misplaced devotion – to the Lord our God.

Finally we are called to extravagant and public worship, twenty-four/seven, disregarding the rage we will so incite, and humbly choosing to love those who rage by healing their hurts and feeding their hunger in the power of the Spirit.

These fires suck, and that is putting it politely. The enraged woman and the hideous demon are manifestations of the source of all death and devastation; we know it as the enemy of all life and the lord of infestation. This faux lord, however, can only operate in the absence of our visible devotion to the real One. The very gates of hell – we are promised – cannot withstand our devotion to the real One.

James A. Wilson is the author of Living As Ambassadors of Relationships, The Holy Spirit and the End Times, Kingdom in Pursuit, and his first novel, Generation – available at Bounty Books, or at

Indie Company supports Indie Bookstores

By Sean Frankel is a company on a mission –to assist independent bookstores and serve the world with amazing books. The company partners with independent bookstores to give them access to sell audio books to their customers. It is super simple because all the bookstore has to do is sign up and provide some basic info. Then they have access to this amazingly simple and well built platform that they are able to share with their customers.

Why is so great?

The application and website are so easy to use and navigate. Once the app was downloaded it takes you immediately to your library of books where it gives you access to anything you have purchased off the website. Now granted, the app does not allow you to buy books through the app, as of yet, but I almost prefer it this way because the app works a lot faster. I legit can download any audio book on my data in a matter of minutes.

How do I get started with

I would first connect with a bookstore near you that you would want to support. This would be the most beneficial because you plug in to their community, and you are supporting them. The other thing you can do is just head over to and get signed up. does have offers all the time and if you are switching from audible they will compensate you with some free books. The membership rate is only $14.99 with one book credit included in that every month. Which I think is a great deal because for a 16 hour audio that normally sells for double or triple that will take the average audio book listener a month to finish!

How does it benefit your bookstore?

It has benefited us by allowing us to get in to a market we couldn’t compete in before. It also allows for our customers that travel a lot to still support their local or hometown bookstore in sales. also gives us ALCs (Advanced Listening Copies) so that we can have product knowledge in the audio books we are recommending. They also give us a lot of assistance with any marketing we do that involves –which is AMAZING.

final thoughts is one of those amazing companies that has you saying “DO NOT GO ANYWHERE, WE LOVE YOU!” They have amazing value to the book world because they connect the book seller to the reader. Something that Audible can never do. Make the switch, you won’t regret it!

May The Force Be Read

By Sean Frankel

May Fourth is a day of celebration for Star Wars fans everywhere that has been labeled as the infamous “Star Wars Day.” It was chosen to be May fourth due to the famous phrase “May the force be with you.” People everywhere go crazy sharing memes, binge watching the movies, and dressing up for parades.

How does the bibliophile enjoy Star Wars Day?

There are tons of books out there based around the Star Wars universe which are all based off the movies and expanding the lore. There are books that go far back before the Skywalker story, and books that go far in to the future and follow characters that are completely unaffected by the events that happened in the past. Nevertheless, the books give a whole new experience to the Star Wars franchise.

What are the books?

There are TONS of Star Wars book. Some take the universe back 25,000 years and others are 100 years plus in the future. No matter here are some books I recommend;

  • Dawn of the Jedi by Tim Lebbon
  • The Old Republic: Revan by Drew Karpyshyn
  • Knight Errant by John Jackson Miller
  • The Rising Force by Dave Wolverton
  • Heirs of the Force by Kevin J. Anderson
  • Vector Prime by R.A. Salvatore

But there is a much larger list of Star Wars books and really it is what you want to dive in to and read. I suggest going and picking up books before “The New Hope” era and making your way to the new age.