Kim & Adam Gonzalez


What do you do when your child becomes a killer? Do you turn him in, or help him escape? What if he killed your brother? The 7th Day is the true story of a mother whose life crumbles as she pieces together the evidence to understand the why behind the kill, and tries to help the police catch her son before he kills again. The family is torn apart as each member has to decide whether or not to hunt the killer or help him run. With family members divided, the revelation of others involvement, and the police working against her to dismiss the case, one woman struggles between justice for her brother and saving her son. What would you do?

The Brother
I would come out of my bedroom and see him sleeping on the couch. You could always see his true face while he slept, at least I could; I knew what it looked like. As he lay sleeping, seemingly innocent to the unwise, I contemplated whether or not I should kill him.
He hadn’t done anything yet. I didn’t know who I could have saved, or all the lives he would affect. If I had killed him while he slept, children would still have their father, brothers and sisters would still have a sibling, and a mother and father wouldn’t have to attend their first born son’s funeral.
My mother’s life would be ruined either way. As for me, I would have been where he is now – unloved and hated by everyone I care about. I would be the monster in my family’s eyes. I would have taken away their beloved son, nephew, cousin and grandchild.
And no one would have ever known what I had done for them.
I was selfish.