Laurie Rawlinson Evans

About the Author;

Laurie Rawlinson Evans loves writing—how a story evolves and is put together, how words evoke emotion, and how they sound when read aloud. Laurie earned a BS in Zoology, intending to pursue a career in exotic animal medicine until she was introduced to forensic science. She spent thirty years as a criminalist, most as a specialist in forensic serology.
Now Laurie focuses on her passion for writing. An avid reader, she enjoys a wide range of fiction and nonfiction; as a writer, what fascinates her most is fantasy and creating other worlds.
Travel has been a lifelong love for Laurie; she’s visited several countries and much of the United States. The variety of people, languages, cultures, and scenery she’s experienced throughout her travels have inspired the societies and landscapes in her novels.
Laurie has two adult sons and lives in Northern California with her husband, a former Marine. Since both were raised in military families, she appreciates the dedication and risk of our armed forces. Although her stories take place in fantasy worlds, they often involve peacekeepers, defenders, and the complex issues of justice.
The Mountain Shadows series, beginning with The Black Spirit and Beyond the Veil, revolves around one powerful woman’s life spent among military forces in the defense of her country and her people. The short story prequel, The Lost, won an award in the 79th Writer’s Digest Annual Writing Competition. The third novel, Legacy of the Bow, is planned for 2019.

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