Q: Does Bounty Books buy books?

A: Bounty Books does not usually purchase used books of any kind. We offer the ability to trade in your books for credit. Please see our trade credit policy For more information.

Q: How long does it take to go through the books I brought in for trade?

A: Depending on how many trades have been brought in by other customers, and the staffing, we generally ask for one to three weeks to process your trade. We are working on a system that will make that time quicker.

Q: How do we know the books go to FOL (Fairfield Friends of Library)?

A: Weekly we have a representative from the Fairfield Friends of the Library that comes and picks up the books we are donating.  Feel free to contact them and ask.

Q: Can I just give the books to the store without getting credit?

A: Yes. We take that as a donation to the schools and distribute the credit between all the school accounts.

Q: How can I have an event (Booksigning, book reading, etc.) at your store?

A: Go to the event tab here on the website and submit a request. All we ask is the details on what you would like to do and we will contact you for further information. The more details you give us up front, the more prompt and likely to move forward we will be. 

Q: Does Bounty Books give donations?

A: We do donate to different organizations in the community. Please feel free to bring by a donation letter with a header and a tax id. There are no promises on if we will donate, but it doesn’t hurt to see what we can do.

Q: Can you order a book for me?

A: Absolutely!! We offer the ability to order books new for our customers with a ten percent discount. It generally takes one to two business days to get the books. There is always potential that the book(s) may go on back order, which can take up to six weeks to get. We do not order used books online.

Q: Can I pre order new releases?

A: Yes! We just need your name and the book you want. We can have it here on the day of release and we will call you and let you know its here!