A Place Of Shadows by Dave Lafferty

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Book from Local Author Dave Lafferty is a Young Adult Ghost Mystery Thriller.

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Ben Wolf is a teen who has always kept his special gift a secret. After all, sharing his ability to sense emotions and see visions of events would he has no way of knowing about would only expose him as a freak. Who needs that? But when Ben and his artist mother inherit the old house in Windward Cove, not only does he discover the small Northern California town has more than its share of ghosts, but he’ll soon need all of his abilities to understand the strange things going on around him:The sound of a child’s laughter in the vineyard.Overwhelming cold and despair from the room above the attic.An unseen presence that wanders the house at night.A mystery dating back to the 1940s.Most of all, he needs to figure out why his mother is slowly wasting away, obsessed with the gloomy room, the vineyard, and a scene on canvas slowly emerging from her paintbrush.And he needs to do it soon. Before it kills her.


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