by James A. Wilson

Denmark is a lovely country, albeit once an icon of fear to nations south, east, and west of it. In addition to being the dark setting for iconic works of western literature like Beowulf and Hamlet, Denmark holds a place of dread in Celtic and Germanic lore because the first Viking raids embarked from that land. That was a long time ago.

Denmark was one of a slew of European nations falling victim to the Nazi onslaught of Spring 1940. Despite her capitulation within hours of Hitler’s attack she distinguished herself among those nations by rescuing Jews from Nazi butchers out of all proportion to her size and strength. That too was a long time ago.

Today Denmark is just one more Common Market member worshiping the idol of diplomatic Status Quo. Under that idol the Western European nations with whom most Americans – and certainly American elites – tend to identify continue to condemn Israel for defending herself and claiming sovereignty over her legitimate borders and territory. Unfortunate and unimaginative multitudes of Americans worship that same idol. We really need to sacrifice that sacred cow and we need to do it now.

Donald Trump floated the idea of America purchasing Greenland from Denmark. It seems like it could benefit both Americans and Danes/Greenlandics to me but – frankly – I have no passion for or against it. I do care about people making decisions on my behalf who think history began in 2016; I have a problem with their arrogance as much as their ignorance.

Pundits on both sides of the Atlantic are up in arms because President Trump said he had better things to do than make a state visit to one who mocks our nation. Those days – he says – are behind us. Speaking as one of the Boomer Generation – we cut our teeth on challenging the Establishment – I say, “Praise the Lord for Donald Trump.”

Reality is the Lincoln Administration tried to buy Greenland in the 1860s. Harry Truman tried it again in the 1940s. This is not some harebrained scheme hatched by Donald Trump to be trashed on late night and forgotten when the next joke comes along. Reality is we already have a heavy military presence in Greenland and they have heavyweight energy reserves we could use well. They are a financial drain on their mother country that would be a drop in the bucket to us. If they say yes it is yes; if they say no – which they have – it is no. But it is not a matter for ridicule unless the jokers wish to look ridiculous themselves. Yet Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen mocked our nation along with our president in the way she said no.

In the fifties America under Eisenhower promised to back Hungarians rising for freedom, but when Russian tanks entered Budapest we wrung our hands; the status quo said it was too dangerous to challenge the Soviets re-taking what the status quo called their territory. In the sixties under Johnson we promised to back Czechs rising, but when the tanks returned we wrung our hands again and for the same reason. When Iranian fanatics took our people hostage under Carter we wrung our hands from the get-go and when the Iranian people rose we promised – under Obama – to have their backs, but when the mullas stomped the people back into submission we were nowhere to be found. My generation found that behavior disgusting; we voted Ronald Reagan and George W Bush into office in part because of that disgust.

Both Reagan and Bush – ridiculed by international and domestic elitists at first – demanded and received a level of respect our country has not known since World War II. They succeeded not because they demanded it but because they made us worthy of it. Yet neither Reagan nor Bush followed through where Israel – the center of the earth in both spiritual and international terms – is concerned. Donald Trump broke that mold too.

This president has made us energy independent for the first time in half a century. He has rolled back the regulations strangling our economy; he has stood firm against the climate-change-via-human-activity juggernaut, and re-negotiated crippling trade agreements. He addressed even NATO’s dysfunction to advantage our nation by leveling the playing field. He has sacrificed multiple sacred cows and the mocking band plays on, staffed by the same people who used to use us – foreign and domestic – and now stand discredited. Our present president is unimpressed by the status quo.

My generation popularized terms like, “Up the establishment,” and “Stuff the Status Quo.” Though some of us became an embarrassment with their turn to violence, most were relentless in peaceful resistance to injustice and the arrogance of entrenched power. The founder of the original Jesus Movement – Jesus Himself – was more relentlessly peaceful and more comprehensively faithful to a justice heart than we can even now imagine. But give our president a little credit; he seeks that heart more faithfully than any president in our lifetime. We will have a more just, a more prosperous, and a much more peaceful nation if we – at least a critical mass of we – become relentless in that seeking.

Prime Minister Fredericksen – realizing rudeness is not the best approach to diplomacy – has initiated new and more respectful contact with President Trump. Recognizing error is always a good place to start and nothing to be ashamed of. Perhaps we-the-people-of-chronic-rage can take a leaf from her book too.

James A. Wilson is the author of Living As Ambassadors of Relationships, The Holy Spirit and the End Times, Kingdom in Pursuit, and his first novel, Generation – available at Bounty books, or at