Trade Credit Policy

Trade Credit Policy

Bounty Books offers the ability for customers to bring in books they no longer want for trade credit. We rarely buy books.

Trade credit is calculated at 20% of the cover price for most soft covers, variable on hardbacks and collectibles.

Trade credit is applied to used books only (not new books or items).

Trade credit is used on only one-half of the purchase at a time. (Example: $10.00 worth of used books are brought to the register, $5.00 needs to be paid and $5.00 trade credit may be used.)

Trades with more than 10 books may not be completed promptly. (Trading time is at the option of the owner — customers requiring assistance, an event taking place, or orders being places, etc. may delay trade.)

Books accepted for trade are based on quality of the book, quantity on hand, demand at the discretion of the proprietor. Bounty Books does have the right to refuse books for trade.

All trades must be logged in on log sheet and dated. Boxes, bags, etc. should have your name placed on the item(s).

Books dropped off for trade credit will need to be picked up within a one week time period. Books left will be dated at the time of drop-off. Any trade credit will be recorded and put in the file. It is the customer’s responsibility to pick up the remaining books. Any books not picked up after the one week time period will be donated.

Trade credit does not expire and is transferable.

We do not call when we complete your trades.